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Their herbs and vitamins are also affordable, their delivery charges are extremely competitive, and they even offer free samples of many of their health food products so you can actually try specific products before making a commitment. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen another website that offers free samples of health food products. Regardless of the particular herbal formula you are looking for, I guarantee you, you will find it at iHerb.com and you will never be disappointed.

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Health Food Products Information

Free Health Food ProductsHere is some important information if you are looking for the best online health food product store. I found the site when searching for a reliable merchant with a good reputation, so that I could stock up on what I consider to be my essential herbs. I always preferred shopping on the Internet, because it’s easier and saves money. However, I wanted to deal with a company that was more or less a leader in the herb market: I found out the hard way that it is never a good idea to buy herbs from fledgling companies that, to put it bluntly, don’t know what they’re doing. I think I went on my quest because I was just tired of wasting my time-and more to the point wasting my money-buying products that didn’t work, were overpriced, or just substandard overall. When I found iHerb.com, I felt like a kid in a candy store. There was literally every type of herbal supplement that I ever used, or thought about using, and I did not see one single price that gave me “sticker shock.” I can’t say that that was the case with any of the other websites that crossed my path over the last few years.

Health Food Product Free Samples

As I mentioned earlier, one of the things that impressed me the most was that I was allowed to try a product for free before deciding if I wanted to make it a regular part of my daily supplement regimen. Most people who use herbs have wasted money at least once by choosing a blend that just didn’t work for them or their specific needs, and I am no different in that respect. However, until iHerb, it was a constant gamble. After finding this website I decided to try some products that I always wondered about, but didn’t know if they would help me. The first one I got a free sample of was called Adapt 232. If you’re not familiar with it, it is kind of like the herbal equivalent to a multivitamin. It’s an adaptagen that gives you energy without making you jittery, and kind of “wakes up” your brain like coffee, only it’s much better for you. I got the free sample, and I was a regular customer from then on.

Other Top Choices

I realize that everyone looks for something different in herbal supplements, but I love the choices I have. Some of my absolute favorites include iHerb’s Now brand Gotu Kola, which somehow manages to soothe the nerves and give you energy at the same time. Planetary Herbals Mullein Lung Complex has become another of my iHerb staples, because this particular blend helps me to control my allergies and asthma. This has been a real benefit to me: the Mullein is cost-effective, but my prescription medication is not. Healthy Origins Nattokinase is also a blend I refuse to be without, after taking advantage of a free sample. This herb is used to improve circulation, and I can tell you emphatically that it works.

Multiple Choices Of Health Food Products

Probably what impressed me most about iHerb.com was the selection they offer. Unlike virtually all other websites, you have your choice of not only which health food you want, but which brand you prefer. This took some getting used to, simply because of the fact that I never had that many choices before. All the brands are exceptionally high-quality, and I found my favorites as I went along. I guess we all end up with specific brands that we like more than others, but I can tell you with certainty that no matter which brand I tried, I was never disappointed. That is another statement that I cannot truthfully make about any other vitamin website that I have visited, and I have visited plenty. The prices and shipping charges are extremely competitive at iHerb.com, and they offer top quality herbal blends and free samples of health food products. I will definitely never change companies and you probably won’t either if you give them a try.